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The Smugglers of Mousehole Soundtrack

Nerys Grivolas

Here's a sneak preview from the original soundtrack from the Film The Smugglers of Mousehole. Many of the tracks are in preview mode, but Nerys will be releasing the full version of the Soundtrack soon. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the free downloads. The rest will be coming soon...

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The Smugglers of Mousehole Soundtrack

Released 15th June 2019 

Total running time: 35 minutes 33 seconds 

 All music composed and arranged by Nerys Grivolas. 


Recorded at Cube Recording Studios UK: 17th-19th May 2019. 

Sound Engineer: Matt Conybeare, Cube Recording Studios 


Violinist: Lucy Jenkins 

Cellist: Coralie Ward 

Pianist: Nerys Grivolas 


Special thanks to my family and friends, Gareth Young, Kyle Richardson, Coralie and Marc Ward, Matt Conybeare and Lucy Jenkins.


For more information on the Film The Smugglers of Mousehole, click here...